Artifact-RJS Moved

This page used to describe the Quake servers I ran, and acted as the news page for the Quake mod I worked on. I don't play Quake any more, both the mod and the servers have been taken over by Slot Zero. See the Artifact-RJS page for more info.

I'm leaving the rest of this info here for historical interest.


This page describes the Quake server running at There used to be a Quakeworld server as well, but I had to shut it down. (Actually, I had to shut them both down, but Lon Koenig was kind enough to let me move the POQ server to his machine at, connecting to forwards you to it.) If anybody can provide a new home for the Quakeworld server, please let me know.

Here's the weekly top 10 players list, thanks to The CLQ.

The server runs a modified version of Artifact Quake called Artifact-RJS. Here's the development version of the user's guide to Artifact-RJS, more info can be found on the Artifact-RJS web page. You can download the mod (including the source) from there.

If you have any problems with either server please let me know by email or on EFNet IRC (my nick is Roderick).


Mon 2001-04-02
Slot Zero has put up the new Artifact-RJS page.
Thu 2001-03-22
People who have been keeping score at home realize that I haven't really been working on the mod for about a year now. I haven't even been playing Quake, the only Quake-type thing I've done is occasionally reboot the server and (sometimes!) answer email messages.

Many of you probably know that Slot Zero, in addition to creating Rune Central, has been working with the mod's source and releasing an updated version called Artifact-RJSZ.

I hate it when the current author of a package creates a forked code base just because they might, someday, eventually, maybe, want to work on the code again, and I don't want to be one of those guys. I've asked Slot Zero to take over the official release, and I'm happy to say he's taking me up on it.

Nick put a lot of time into the mod, then I put another lot of time into it on top of that, and it deserves better than just to sit idle. Hacking on the mod was great fun and kept me interested for years. I hope Slot gets as much enjoyment out of authoring it as he has out of kicking our butts while playing it.

Wed 2001-03-21
I've replaced my server list with a link to the server list at Rune Central. I've also changed my forwarding to point to Dead Zone, sorry for leaving it pointing at a dead server.
Fri 2000-12-15
Several server list updates from Slot Zero:
Wed 2000-12-13
Cereal Killer's server is back up at, running 3.2.6.
Thu 2000-12-07
Ben Webber's server is up at
Tue 2000-12-05
Mental D let me know that Widomaker ( is back up.
Tue 2000-11-21
I did a major cull on the server list. Looks like we're down to 4 servers. I set Marlinspike to forward to, which is a new server which replaced Thanks to Slot for letting me know Widomaker is gone and for letting me know about the new server.
Thu 2000-09-07
Thu 2000-08-31
Oops, the server I had been forwarding to was dead. Sorry about that. I updated my forwarding to point to Widomaker. They don't really need the traffic (I assume), but all the others in my forwarding list were down, too!
Wed 2000-07-26
The name isn't working anymore, but the server is still up. Thanks to Slot Zero for pointing this out. I've updated the name so that it points directly at the server, rather than forwarding you when you connect to it, so I'd suggest using that name instead for now.
Thu 2000-07-20
Chemical let me know that he's shut down because nobody was playing there.
Wed 2000-07-12
Whew! After several months of working almost non-stop, I am finally done with the next phase of programming at my startup. Sorry I have been neglecting the servers and my email. I'm starting to go over the old mail now.
Tue 2000-05-23
Slot Zero's Rune Central is up and running, check it out. Also, the Lost Boys server is up at, it's run by HellRa1zer and Slot Zero. I'm going to set my server to forward to it.
Thu 2000-05-18
Chemical's Achtung server has changed names again, this time to
Mon 2000-05-15
The server is on port 26001 now (and has been for a while, it seems). They've got Clanring running on port 26000.
Wed 2000-05-03
The problem with the Achtung server was that he doesn't have a static IP address. He's using Dyndns now to maintain a static name, it's The admin is Chemical.
Fri 2000-04-28
Slot Zero spotted a couple of new servers. The first,, is running 3.2.5. The other, Achtung at, wasn't up when I checked.
Thu 2000-04-27
There's a new server, XOC_Runes at The server admin is yugo2heck.
Fri 2000-04-13
There were two more partial connection attacks (the symptom being hordes of "unconnected" players) this week. They aren't targetting us, they seem to be hitting all the POQ servers they know. I've expanded my ban to ban Placing this in a server's autoexec.cfg will prevent this attack from affecting a server (at least in its current incarnation).
Thu 2000-04-06
There's a new server at, the admin contact is Thanks to Chuck for helping them get set up. I'm going to change my server to forward to them for a bit.
Wed 2000-03-22
There's a new server, Lithium Artifact-RJS, at I've set my server to forward to it because Onion's is down. Akev, sorry I missed you on IRC, mail me if you want to get on the announcements list or update your server list entry.
Tue 2000-03-21
There's a new server, Onion's Artifact Quake Server, at It's run by Cereal Killer. I'm going to set my server to forward to that one for a bit to help him build up some players.

I've corrected the blood and gunshot particle problems which were introduced with the QW merge.

Mon 2000-03-20
The Brazilian "unconnected" DOS people are back. FYI, since they're using always the same source address, they can be nullified by putting ban in a server's autoexec.cfg file.
Fri 2000-03-17, which used to run Singe's version, is up and running 3.2. (They were up and down over the past couple of weeks, though, and I haven't talked to them, so I don't know if they're here to stay.)
Tue 2000-03-14
About the first changes I made to the mod were to have your rune drop when you died, and to make a particular rune always used a particular model. I now think these were mistakes, because they help good players more than they help poor players (the good players can more easily get the powerful runes).

So, I've changed the server to use random runes and no death dropping all the time. I've also set the drop delay to 30 seconds, because this helps the process along. I know people will be pissed off about this, but I think it's good for the game.

Tue 2000-03-07
I've decided to put my development snapshots up for public download on the web page. I'd been sending them to anybody who asked anyway. I made a new snapshot on Saturday just before I merged in the Quakeworld code. It's version 3.2.5, you can get it from the main page.
Sun 2000-03-05
Yesterday I re-merged the QW branch from the main trunk (the QW version had been forked off in November), and today I committed the changes. Both servers are running from the same source now.
Fri 2000-03-03
I've got the Quakeworld version of the mod up and running at Schnoggo! It's still quite rough around the edges, but I figure the best way for me to get the gumption to fix it is if I'm actually playing it. It's at (which is really just the same machine), and it's listed with the standard master servers. If you haven't played Quakeworld before you'll need Windows Quakeworld 2.30 or the equivalent.
Sun 2000-02-20
Sat 2000-02-19
Fri 2000-02-18
Wed 2000-02-16
Tue 2000-02-15
Mon 2000-02-14
Sun 2000-02-13
The machine the Quake server runs on was compromised today (in ways unrelated to the Quake server), so it is offline at the moment. We should be back up in a few days, on a different machine (a move we were going to be making anyway).
Thu 2000-02-10
Here's the Windows Quakeworld 2.30 distribution, for folks who want to help me test out the Quakeworld version of the mod.
Sun 2000-01-30
Fri 2000-01-28
Oops, bombs atttached to people were hitting them even if they respawned (not because I didn't think of this case, just because of a stupid bug). This is fixed now. Thanks to Homer and Powerbilt for helping me fix it, and to Homer for pointing it out.
Thu 2000-01-27
Mon 2000-01-24
Sun 2000-01-23
Sat 2000-01-15
Thu 2000-01-13
Here's a more verbose description of the damage-based scoring: The rules are simple, but some of the implications are surprising. Eg, piercing becomes a much less desirable rune because you get less benefit from each kill.

The damage-based scoring is going to be left in the mod as an option. It will default to off. I haven't decided whether I'm going to leave it on or not. I'll be leaving it on at least for a little while to get a feel for it and to iron out the bugs.

Wed 2000-01-12
Sat 2000-01-08
There's a new rune, the Rune of Quad Damage, thanks to Slacker for the suggestion. It's like the shielding rune, but with quad.
Fri 2000-01-08
Cloaked bombs don't tick.
Wed 1999-12-29
Houngans get 5 zombies, and when you switch ridees the rune type is displayed.
Thu 1999-12-09
I've created the long-discussed rune of good armor. When you have this rune all the armor you get counts as red armor, plus you can hold a ton of the stuff. Quake won't display an armor value over 255, though. So, I've set it to use the armor color to give you an idea of how much armor you've got. If you have this rune then your status bar shows green armor for armor values from 0 through 255, yellow armor for 256 through 511, and red armor for 512 through 767.
Tue 1999-11-30
I fixed a bug which was allowing people to chat spam without being kicked. It's still possible to chat spam with somebody else's name and get them kicked for it, so if you see anybody doing that let me know and I will ban them (just tell me approximately when you saw it happen (and what time zone you're in), I can get the rest of the info I need from the logs). I've added several dozen such bans since the end of last week, so most of these guys should be handled already.
Mon 1999-11-29
Chuck spotted a new server, it's at It's run by Xavier.
Tue 1999-11-16
Thu 1999-11-05
Fri 1999-10-22
Thu 1999-10-14
Artifact-RJS 3.2 is released! Get it from the usual place.
Wed 1999-10-13
There's a new server, The Swamp, run by Slow Target. It's at
Mon 1999-10-11
Sun 1999-10-10
Sat 1999-10-09
Fri 1999-10-08
Mon 1999-10-04
There's a new server, Rune Igloo, at (so it'll be usable mosly for European users).
Mon 1999-09-13
There's a new rune, the Pack Rat rune, thanks to Powerbilt for the idea. You can pick up extra runes and carry them around. (You don't actually use them, you just carry them.) This helps you in several ways: You can't pick up a rune if you killed the owner (that would make it too easy for good players). We're probably going to add the ability for pack rats to make other players drop their runes, too.
Sat 1999-09-11
Some of these have been in place for a few days already.
Mon 1999-09-06
There are two new runes, thanks to Powerbilt who wrote them. They are:
Tue 1999-08-24
House of Happy! is now using Dynodns, so you can refer to it by name rather than by address. The name is
Mon 1999-08-23
House of Happy! moved, it's now at
Mon 1999-08-16
Fri 1999-07-23
Tue 1999-07-13
There's a new server, The Darkside 2, at The admin is Greaseman.
Mon 1999-07-12
There's a new rune, the rune of armor piercing, thanks to Korn for the idea. Your attacks ignore your opponent's armor. This is nice both in that it lets you kill them more easily (most people die with just 1 rocket), and in that there's more armor left for you when they die. This might be too powerful in its raw form, we'll see how it plays.

I've set Qsmack to kick people with red/blue or blue/red colors.

Tue 1999-07-06
There's a new vote-team command, it works like vote-exit. If you use it while team play is off you'll vote to turn it on, and vice-versa. Admins can control what team play mode is used, and the percentage of players required to change modes, via settings.qc. They can also lock the current team mode in by setting a teamplay bit (or by using a teamplay value which isn't one of the two possibly set by voting). Thanks to Obs. for the idea.
Mon 1999-07-05
The time has happened, Lon moved the machine from his ISP to his new apartment (where he's got megabit DSL). It was down from about 18:25 till 22:15 Eastern (the machine was actually up for an hour and a half at that point, I just didn't notice to start the servers). Some people will surely have better connections to the new location, and some worse. Let's hope it's more of the former!

If you're connecting by IP address rather than name, shame on you. I'll tell you the new address anyway, though, since Quake has a bug with connecting to machines on non-standard ports using names rather than addresses. It's

Sat 1999-07-03
There's a new server (running 3.0, though) at
Tue 1999-06-29
There's a new server, it's at
Mon 1999-06-28
Oops, in free hook mode the hook can't activate buttons or open secrets. As a simple fix edit the ChainTouch() function in hook.qc and change if (!HOOK_DAMAGE || free_hook_mode ()) to if (other.takedamage == DAMAGE_AIM && (!HOOK_DAMAGE || free_hook_mode ())). In my version I've made some other fixes (it hits the player once even when this case is trigered, and it makes the hitting noise).
Sun 1999-06-27
Artifact-RJS 3.1 is released! Get it from the usual place. Late-breaking changes include:
Sat 1999-06-26
I'm probably going to do the release tomorrow, so please let me know about any problems you spot right away.
Fri 1999-06-25
Wed 1999-06-23
Mon 1999-06-21
Sun 1999-06-20
Sat 1999-06-19
Fri 1999-06-18
Thu 1999-06-17
The server at is running version 3.0 of the mod now, it used to run regular Artifact. It has a weg page at, the admin is LunarPig
Wed 1999-06-16
There was a bug in the code which was supposed to turn teamplay on on Wednesdays (the teamplay from the previous level was overriding that in startlevel.cfg), so team play didn't get on until I noticed at 22:30 Eastern or so. Sorry about that.

I added a mode which allows the top dog to change teams. I don't know if it'll be worth keeping, let me know what you think.

Zombies would stay placed if you lay dead or left the game while you had the rune, this is fixed.

Mon 1999-06-14
Fri 1999-06-11
Wed 1999-06-09
Mon 1999-06-07
Sun 1999-06-06
Sun 1999-05-23
Tom Coleman, I tried writing to you about the runes you sent me, but the mail bounced. Please get in touch.
Fri 1999-05-14
The rune description stays on your screen until you jump, fire, or use the rune-tell command to toggle it off.
Tue 1999-05-11
If you kill somebody with a barrel you get credit for it. Further, barrels respawn.

show-players shows if a player has voted to exit.

Sat 1999-05-08
Thu 1999-05-06
The intermission will exit automatically after a while.

Players who sit idle as corpses will automatically become observers after a while. This is nice for full games (it lets somebody else join), and it helps vote counting, level size selection, forced teams, and the like work better.

Wed 1999-05-05
Use "vote-exit" if you want to exit the current level. If enough players do the same the server will do it.

Previously if you died with a gravity well out you could lie dead and the well would stay there indefinitly (unless you happened to have exactly 0 health when you died). This is fixed.

Sun 1999-05-02
There's a new server running the mod, The admin me a /msg about this on IRC just as I was going to bed, but I was too tired to respond, plus I didn't note who he was! Please contact me if you want me to add you to the announcement list or expand your entry in the server list.
Fri 1999-04-23
There's a new rune, the lumberjack rune, thanks to PowerBiltx. It ups your maximum health to 200 and gives your axe better reach and much more damage.
Sat 1999-04-17
I've added Qsmack support to the code to allow me to do more flexible banning. I hate having been pushed to this, but that bot lowlife wouldn't go away. See the Qsmack page if you're interested in it.

I need to work on the configuration a bit (to allow the Qsmack player not to have a name, eg), but it's already set up to ban all his ISP's IP blocks. If you see him connected let me know the IP address he's connected from (using the "status" command).

I also set Qsmack to kick people with newlines in their names, I'd wanted to add that to my wrapper for a while.

Tue 1999-03-16
There's a server running 3.0 called GooLand III, it's at It's running non-forced team mode (though it's Id's original buggy team mode in which you can't hurt yourself, which is much worse with Artifact (consider berserk, eg)).
Sat 1999-03-06
I think I'm about ready to come off of my long Quake hiatus. Expect some updates soon.

There's a new server, it's at It's run by 1KrazyFool[187] and and Phantim[187].

Tue 1999-02-02
The server on port 26000 now runs 24 hours, but with a 4 player limit during the times at which it used to be down. Due to limitations in Quake it has to reboot at those times to change the maximum number of players, reconnect to continue playing.
Mon 1999-01-18
Two new servers are running the mod, both on version 3.0: Welcome to both. If anybody knows of other new servers, let me know and I'll add them here and to the server list.
Sat 1999-01-16
Artifact-RJS 3.0 is released! Get it from the usual place.
Wed 1999-01-13
Tue 1999-01-13
Mon 1999-01-12
Sun 1999-01-10
Sat 1999-01-09
I'm gearing up for the next release, concentrating on bug fixing and documentation and adding a few last features.
Wed 1999-01-06
The game starts an hour later now, at 6:30 PM Eastern. The number of players is back like before (10 players and 6 observers) and the forwarding has been turned off.

There seems to be a packet loss problem, though. This causes the game to appear slower and more jerky. They're going to try to work on this. Lon is probably going to move the server again next month, though, so even if this can't be fixed it should be temporary.

Mon 1999-01-04
Schnoggo has moved to a new location, but the DNS entry wasn't changed to expire quickly first so connecting to might not work for a couple of days depending on your local setup. You can connect to in the meanwhile and you'll be forwarded to the server.
Sat 1999-01-02
I believe I've fixed the bug which caused observers to join the game (but unable to do anything) at the start of levels sometimes.
Tue 1998-12-22
Sun 1998-12-20
Sat 1998-12-05
I merged in a patch from Hawke, plus worked on the code myself a bit. Changes include:
Sat 1998-11-28
The hook bug is fixed, and there's a new remove-frags command.
Tue 1998-11-24
The server has moved to port 26000, still on Lon's machine, and it's limited to 9 players. Hawke's server (on 26001) is also limited to 9 players. The ISP had a tizzy about bandwidth usage. This might not be the final configuration, stay tuned for more details.
Sun 1998-11-15
I added the chat spam kicking functionality to my expect wrapper. You'll be kicked if you talk 3 times in 1 second or 5 times in 5 seconds.
Mon 1998-11-02
Vampires can get health from non-mega boxes again, but they only get 5 points per.
Thu 1998-10-29
Vampires can't use 15 or 25 point health boxes.

Megahealth boxes aren't directly involved in rotting your health any more, so they always respawn after the same amount of time (60 seconds).

Wed 1998-10-28
The haste runes makes the flames from the flamethrower travel farther instead of making you shoot them faster.

The level selection code was broken for non-random sized map selection (which is what I use), it is fixed. I'm embarrassed that it took me so long to fix this bug.

Tue 1998-10-27
I'm rewriting the code which is used to select weapons. The first fallouts from this are that the weapon cycling commands cycle through the alternate guns, you can select the alternate weapons with particular impulses if you like (commands weapon9 through weapon16 for the alternates for the 1 through 8 guns, respectively), and you can bind switchfiring keys for them (+sttack9 through +sttack16, similarly).

You don't drop a quad you got from the phoenix rune, you won't lose quad/ring time if you pick one up which had less time that you were going to be getting, and a quad/ring with less than 3 seconds left won't drop at all.

The blink delay is now 0.5 seconds rather than 0.25 seconds.

Sat 1998-10-24
I've add a new weapon, the bomb from DM Plus. It's an alternate for the 7 gun. It takes 10 rockets to fire. When you shoot it it sticks to whatever wall it hits, then explodes 5 seconds later. It does radius damage with a modified attenuation (it falls off less rapidly). Enjoy the ominous ticking sound.
Thu 1998-10-22
I put in Quakeworld's quad and ring dropping (controlled by DM_DROP_POWERUP, defaulting off). If it is enabled and you die while you have a quad it pops out of your body and somebody can pick it up. It will wear out at whatever time it would have worn out if you hadn't dropped it (its clock keeps ticking even while it's lying there on the ground). Similarly for rings.
Wed 1998-10-21
Tue 1998-10-20
I'm sorry to say that I've had to shut down the Quakeworld server. Back in August we switched ISPs, and with the new contract we pay based on how much bandwidth we use. At that time I looked for new homes for the POQ and Quakeworld servers. I found a home for the POQ server (it's now at but not for the Quakeworld server.

We're charged for our 90% peak usage with 5 minute samples. There's a cutoff point at 128k, and another at 256k. It costs something on the order of $400 if we go over the 128k mark. If we didn't have the Quakeworld server we'd be under that mark, so in order to keep the Quakeworld server I've had to ensure that we stay under it. I'm afraid that we're running too close to that line, even with maxclients reduced to 4.

So, I've had to shut the Quakeworld server down. If anybody has a line on someplace else where it can be hosted, please let me know. It needs a network connection of T1 speed or better, and a machine running one of the Unices for which a QW server is available.

Sun 1998-10-18
Some Artifact fixes, after a long hiatus:
Fri 1998-08-28
Knytehawkk sent me some more code, this time it's for some new weapons. There are alternate weapons for the 3 (flame thrower), 4 (lava gun), 7 (guided missile) and 8 (not-quote-BFG) guns. For now to use them you have to bind a key to "weapon-mode", using this will switch the mode of the weapon you've got wielded. The standard bindings now put this on the 9 key. I'll add some alternate methods of selection soon.
Thu 1998-08-27
The hook is looking good, so I've switched it to being a rune on my server. I also added a new way to use it, via hook-on and hook-off impulses. Using the button acts as a toggle, and a +hook binding activates it for as long as you've got that key held down.
Wed 1998-08-26
Thanks to Knytehawkk there's now a grappling hook. It can be set so that everybody gets the hook, or the hook is a rune. The server has it set so everybody gets it for now (for testing), I'll change it to being a rune in a few days. Bind to +hook to use it. (When it is a rune you can use either +hook or the regular rune-use button.)
Sun 1998-08-16
Oops, my change to the map selection code in version 1.3 made it so that you'd go to the start map after dm6, previously you'd loop back to dm1. I've put the default behavior back the way it was and introduced a new option to make dm6 go to the start map. To turn this on set the 32 bit in your noexit value (NOEXIT_DM_NO_LOOP). This setting will additionally make it so that if a player exits the start map via the end exit the DM levels will play, and if the game chooses the next map (via time or frag limit) it will play the DM levels in between episodes 4 and 1.

I've released version 1.4 which contains this change.

Sun 1998-08-16
Artifact-RJS 1.3 is released, get it from the usual place.
Sat 1998-08-15
I'm preparing release 1.3 of the mod. It's running on my server and now, it will be available for download tomorrow. Here are the last changes which are included:
Wed 1998-08-12
I got the server up and running on Lon's machine, so I went ahead and installed the forwarder. The POQ server has been moved. It's now at port 26002 on

Quake has some weirdnesses in using alternate port numbers, unfortunately (I think they've been fixed in QW). In order to connect you'll need to use a command like connect "". You need to use the quotes, and you have to use the address rather than the name. Because of the quotes you can't put this command in an alias. What I do is put the command in a .cfg file and then create an alias which executes the file. Most people will probably just use Qspy, in which case you shouldn't have to worry about this stuff (I presume).

Tue 1998-08-11
I just got off the phone with Lon, he gave me my account on his machine. His server is going to remain in place, I'll be setting up a new one on it. Mine (Marlinspike) will run on an alternate port (26002). It should be up within a couple of days.
Mon 1998-08-10
Great news! Lon Koenig, the fellow who runs, is going to let me use his server to test new versions of the mod. This should help keep the bugs down in the POQ version. When my server shuts down I'll set it up to forward you to there. The current schedule makes it look like I'll be shutting my server down on Monday the 17th.
Wed 1998-08-05
I'm sad to say that it looks like the regular Quake server really is going to go away. We're in the middle of switching over to our new ISP, and the new circuit is charged based on how much bandwidth we use. I haven't spotted any way I can keep the server running for less than $100 per month, and I don't care to pay that much. The Quake server will probably be shut down next week.

I'm going to try to keep the Quakeworld server running. The address might change so I've allocated the name for it. Please use this name if you connect by name. I might need to lower the number of players allowed on this server to keep the bandwidth requirements down.

I'm working on porting my Artifact code to Quakeworld. Once it is ready for public use I'll be putting it on the Quakeworld server. Sorry, Expert fans.

Wed 1998-07-22
Recent Artifact changes:
Wed 1998-07-15
Artifact-RJS 1.2 is released, see the Artifact-RJS page. It is hot on the heels of 1.1, mainly because of these bug fixes:

Also included are these new features:

Here's a link to the older news.