This page contains some old news regarding the Quake servers (mostly it's Artifact-RJS development stuff). Here is the main page.
Tue 1998-07-14
The rider's eyes are placed lower again, so they are less visible. They're placed in the higher position only when necessary to work around the vis bug.
Mon 1998-07-13
Artifact-RJS 1.1 is released! As usual, you can get it from the Artifact-RJS page. Here's the full changes file, and here are just the late-breaking updates (stuff from this weekend):
Thu 1998-07-09
Several changes over the past few days:
Mon 1998-07-06
I did a lot of work on Artifact over the weekend. 1.1 will be released soon. Here are the recent changes:
Sat 1998-06-20
Artifact changes:
Fri 1998-06-19
Another two Artifact changes:
Wed 1998-06-17
Two Artifact changes:
Sun 1998-05-31
Artifact-RJS 1.0 is released! Get it from the Artifact-RJS page. Late-breaking changes:
Sat 1998-05-30
Artifact changes:
Mon 1998-05-25
There's a new command, show-settings, which tells you the state of the mod's configurable options.
Fri 1998-05-22
Artifact tweaks: The electric rune generates one cell every five seconds, and the shielding rune recharges in four and a half rather than six seconds.
Tue 1998-05-19
I made some big changes to Artifact-RJS over the weekend.
Wed 1998-05-13
The machine the servers run on has been upgraded from a P166 to a P2 233, plus it has an extra 32M of memory (128M rather than 96M). I don't expect this will make much difference, for practical purposes.

Expert fans, I'm sorry to say that the QW server will be switched from Expert to Artifact soon. I've nearly got my Artifact mod generating both Quake and QW progs from the same source, and I'm going to be running the QW version on the server once it is working.

Mon 1998-04-21
Artifact changes:
Wed 1998-04-15
I dropped e3m7 (The Haunted Halls) and e4m2 (The Tower of Despair) from the Artifact rotation.
Mon 1998-04-08
The server's address has changed from to The name,, has remained the same. There's a server running at the old address which just forwards you to the new address. I'll leave this running for a while, but not forever, so switch over to using either the name or the new address.
Sun 1998-04-08
Artifact Quake 2.1-rjs-0.2 is released. Here are the changes from 0.1.
Sun 1998-03-22
Artifact Quake 2.1-rjs-0.1 is released. This version isn't configurable yet, it runs just like my server. The exception is that to get my level switching code you have to set `noexit 3'. The next release will have most of the features I've added selectable at run time, see the Todo file for the current list of switches I plan to implement.

Late-breaking features and fixes are:

Fri 1998-03-20
I've finished merging my source with Singe's (and consequently the bots are gone). As this process was done by hand (due to the differing formats of the real source and the decompiled source) there are surely bugs, so please be on the lookout. Additionally, one new feature and two bug fixes:
Wed 1998-03-18
Singe has released the Artifact source! There's a link to it on his page. He's asked me to re-merge my changes into it for possible inclusion in a new release (possibly under a different name). I'll be removing the bots so I can run the result locally for a bit to shake out the bugs.
Mon 1998-03-16
When I changed the quad respawn time I accidentally changed the biosuit respawn time as well, this is fixed. Thanks to Player for telling me about this bug.
Sun 1998-03-15
The change to Expert on Thursday introduced a bug which crashed the server if you entered the end map teleporter on the start level. That's fixed now.
Thu 1998-03-12
At Rain's request, the Expert server doesn't hurt you for touching an exit.
Sun 1998-02-08
In Artifact quad respawns like other powerups now (after 5 minutes rather than 1).
Sun 1998-02-01
More artifact changes:
Sat 1998-01-31
Two Artifact bug fixes: If you see either of these bugs (or any other bug) please let me know.
Tue 1998-01-27
You can no longer pick up the rune you drop when you're killed (only other players can pick it up). You can get it if somebody else picks it up and you kill them, though.
Sat 1998-01-17
On both servers large levels will never be selected for a small number of players. All other combinations are still possible. The odds are:
small medium large
1-3 85% 15% -
4-6 10% 80% 10%
7+ 5% 20% 75%
Mon 1998-01-12
For both servers I've removed end from the map rotation.

In Artifact the shielding rune takes 5 seconds rather than 3 to recharge. The shield still lasts for 3 seconds.

Also in Artifact, both the good health and the vampiric runes will rot your health down to 100 after you drop them.

Mon 1998-01-05
I updated the level selection code on both servers. The levels are split into three groups (small, medium and large) rather than two (small and large) now. The selection goes by 1-3 players, 4-6 players and 7+ players. Also, there's a chance that a level group which doesn't correspond to the player group is selected. I dropped the Artifact server down to a maximum of 2 bots.

Artifact bug fixes: Action movie arsenal wouldn't give you the grenade if you already had the rocket, and vampiric was letting you suck your teammate's health.

Sat 1998-01-03
Some of the runes weren't working, or were only working partially, for the bots. Eg, previously jumping didn't work if a bot had it, and a berserk bot wouldn't drip blood, though it had the damage modifiers. These and similar problems are fixed.
Fri 1998-01-02
Batman villain syndrome associated with ice traps is gone. I haven't been able to fix it when associated with the switch rune. Also, lightning discharge won't hit people out of water, and you can use the lightning gun in deeper water without discharging.
Thu 1998-01-01
You keep your rune between levels in Artifact now. Also, though it's sad commentary, I gave in and improved the anti-suicide detection.

Both servers are now frag/time limit 30/20 rather than 50/30.

Mon 1997-12-15
Explicitly thrown weird bubbles go further before their velocity is manipulated.

Death spot color tweaked again.

Sat 1997-11-22
Death spots are red.

If you die with the radiation rune in an area which is already irradiated you don't drop an additional radiation point.

The phoenix rune is automatically deleted when you use your last resurrection.

Tue 1997-11-18
I attached my level selection code to the Expert server. The server will now stick to smaller maps when there are 4 or fewer players. Also, level selection is randomized.
Mon 1997-11-17
A particular rune will always use a particular model. Eg, the cloaking rune will always be the hell magic model. See the changes page for a list of what's what.
Thu 1997-11-06
I upgraded the Quakeworld server from Expert 1.20 to 1.31.
Wed 1997-11-05
Touching someone else's gravity well hurts. This feature was present in the code already, it just wasn't being triggered because of a bug.

The electricity, jumping, gravity, repulsion, shambler and weirdness runes are all team-aware now.

Mon 1997-10-27
You're protected from radiation while you're wearing the rad suit.

Most team mode bot glitches are fixed, I can turn team mode on and off now and the bots react properly. The runes still don't know anything about team mode.

Sun 1997-10-26
I've lowered the number of runes on the level from 24 to 8. (This is the number of runes on the ground, runes which people are carrying don't count against this quota.)

Runes won't appear in slime anymore.

Sat 1997-10-25
I wrote some code which changes quads into other items (for now, weapons 5 through 8). This kicks in for all but the first quad on a level. I added some of the later multi-quad levels into the rotation.

I also added a grenade launcher to e1m6 (The Door to Chthon) and put that level into the rotation.

Mon 1997-10-20
I merged in the Artifact 2.1 changes. There weren't any user-visible differences.
Sat 1997-10-18
The too-many-runes bug is fixed.
Fri 1997-10-17
Several Artifact tweaks:
Sun 1997-10-13
The cloaking rune causes everything you do to be silent now, previously you made noise when picking up stuff and teleporting. If you find that you're making noise when you have this rune let me know.
Sat 1997-10-04
PSI's latest attempt to deal with the lag is this: They've recently installed a new Orlando/Miami T3, and they're going to switch us over to the POP in Miami so we can be routed over it. It will take a few weeks for our new T1 to be delivered.
Wed 1997-10-01
The bots wait a few seconds at the start of a level now so that they don't all rush in causing a temporary surplus.
Thu 1997-09-25
I fixed the bots-disappearing bug and worked around the DOS Quake too-many-entities client crash.

I installed Deathray's rune-drop-cancellation idea.

I fixed the spawn frag protection.

Sun 1997-09-21
We put the new Ethernet card in. It probably won't actually help with the lag, that was wishful thinking. PSI still has packet loss problems.
Sat 1997-09-20
I've merged the Reaper bot into the Artifact source. I'm not allowed to distribute it, but you can do this on your own using the RIP documents. (I got these from The Bot Shop but that no longer seems to be around.) The bots don't know anything about the runes, though. This screws the game balance up (camo is almost useless, eg). This will be improved.

The firewalking, death orb, spiky cloud, impact and gravity runes all give you 1 frag per kill instead of 2.

I upped the vampiric health rot rate from 2x to 5x.

Wed 1997-09-17
The environmental protection rune guards against weirdness, and the vampiric rune allows you to go up to 250 health (but it rots down to 100, at twice the normal rate).
Tue 1997-09-16
The impact rune now puts a super spike over your head.
Mon 1997-09-15
I had the guy in Miami swap the card in last night, but it didn't work off the bat so I had him swap it back out again. It's a real hassle debugging this sort of thing over the phone and I was too beat to deal with it, so it will have to wait until next Sunday. Checking the system logs this morning I found that the card chose an IRQ which was already used by one of the machine's SCSI host adapters.
Tue 1997-09-09
I've got a new PCI Ethernet card coming in to replace the ISA card the machine currently has. With luck this will improve the responsiveness situation some. If I get back early enough on Sunday night and there's someone in the office in Miami to act as my hands I'll replace it then, otherwise it might be the Sunday after that before it can be done.
Mon 1997-09-08
I've written an expect script which will reboot either server if it starts running away (this seems to happen to Artifact every few days). I'll be away from Wednesday through Sunday so cross your fingers that it won't fail in practice.
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