Installing DB2 8.1 as a client on Debian Linux

I needed to access a DB2 database on a remote (Windows) server from a Debian Linux machine using Perl's DBI (DBD::DB2). Here are my notes about how I did it.

    - DBD::DB2's README says I need

    	DB2 Application Development Client v7.2 or later

    - I downloaded the DB2 Connect Personal Edition version 8.1.3


    - The RPMs are in the db2/linux subdir.  ComponentList.htm in that
      subdir lists what RPMs are required for what functions.

    - I want to convert the RPMs to .deb files and install them using
      dpkg, rather than using their installation tool, because I want to
      understand what's going on.  For another tack, search online for
      an RPM emulation script which you can have it run, this will use
      alien to convert/install the things it tries to install.

    - I extracted the scripts/triggers (rpm -qp $file --scripts
      --triggers) for all the RPMs to see if they looked reasonable.
      They look okay (though they do run some binaries from the installed
      packages), so I convert them too.

    - alien conversion command:

	% fakeroot alien --to-deb --scripts --keep *.rpm

    - I install the minimum number of RPMs per the ComponentList:

	Product Signature for DB2 Application Development Client IBM_db2adsg81
	Base Application Development Tools                       IBM_db2adt81
	Base Client Support                                      IBM_db2cliv81
	Code Page Conversion Tables                              IBM_db2conv81
	Product Messages - en_US.iso88591                        IBM_db2msen81
	SQL Procedures                                           IBM_db2sp81

	# dpkg -i ibm-db2adsg81* ibm-db2adt81* ibm-db2cliv81* \
	    ibm-db2conv81* ibm-db2msen81* ibm-db2sp81*

    - Compile and install DBD::DB2.

    	% DB2_HOME=/opt/IBM/db2/V8.1 perl Makefile.PL
    	% make
    	% make test
    	% make install

    - You don't tell DBD::DB2 the host/port to connect to, you tell it a
      local name for a database connection and it gets the details from
      the system catalog.  To set up the catalog you first need a DB2
      "instance", then you configure the instace with information about
      the remote database server.  An instance has to have a Unix login
      associated with it.


    	- create the instance

	    # adduser --system --group db2sship
	    # su -s /bin/sh db2sship -c 'touch ~db2sship/.profile'
	    # cd /opt/IBM/db2/V8.1/instance

    	    - You might need to run /opt/IBM/db2/V8.1/instance/db2istrt
    	      here.  I don't think I did that but I have a report that
    	      the dbi2crt didn't work without doing that first.

	    # ./db2icrt -a SERVER -s client db2sship

	- add the database to the system catalog

	    - database and node names seem limited to 8 characters

	    # su -s /bin/sh - db2sship
	    $ db2 catalog tcpip node sship remote swiftship server 50000
	    $ db2 catalog database customer as sship at node sship \
		authentication server

    - set $DB2INSTANCE to specify the instance you're using

	% DB2INSTANCE=db2sship perl -mDBI -lwe '
	for my $dsn (DBI->data_sources("DB2")) {
	    my $dbh = DBI->connect($dsn, "user", "password")
		or die $DBI::errstr;
	    print "dsn $dsn table count ",
		$dbh->selectrow_array("select count(*) from syscat.tables");
	dsn dbi:DB2:SSHIP table count 242
	% _

Roderick Schertler <>