aixtoolbox-updates - check for and download updates to Aix Toolbox binary RPMs


aixtoolbox-updates [--arch architecture] [--debug] [--dir dir] [--help] [--host hostname] [-n | --no] [--os os-version] [-v | --verbose] [--version]


aixtoolbox-updates checks the Aix Toolbox FTP site for updates to the RPMs which are installed on the local machine, and downloads those which have been updated. It's neither polished nor bulletproof, but I'm releasing it as-is as I'm unlikely to improve either thing any time soon.


--arch architecture

Override the architecture string. By default it's ppc. The other current possibility is ia64. Let me know if you know the right way for me to detect the correct setting for the host on which I'm running.


Turn debugging on.

--dir dir

Specify the path to the RPMS directory on the FTP host. See the --help for the default.


Show the usage message and die.

--host hostname

Specify the FTP host name. See the --help for the default.

-n, --no

Don't actually try to download any files. This also turns on --verbose.

--os os-version

Override the OS version. The default is the version on this machine.

-v, --verbose

Be more verbose. This causes packages to be output even if they're the current version.


Show the version number and exit.


Here's an excerpt of a sample run:

    $ aixtoolbox-updates -v
    package              installed            available            comparison
    -------              ---------            ---------            ----------
    bzip2                1.0.1-6              1.0.1-6              ok
    cvs                  1.11.1p1-1           1.11.1p1-2           updated
    db                   2.7.7-3              2.7.7-4              updated
    diffutils            2.7-20               2.7-20               ok
    ytalk                3.1.1-1              3.1.1-1              ok
    zip                  2.3-1                2.3-2                updated
    zlib                 1.1.3-10             1.1.3-10             ok
    zlib-devel           1.1.3-10             1.1.3-10             ok
    openssh              2.9.9p2-5            -                    gone
    openssh-clients      2.9.9p2-5            -                    gone
    get cvs-1.11.1p1-2.aix4.3.ppc.rpm
    get db-2.7.7-4.aix4.3.ppc.rpm
    get zip-2.3-2.aix4.3.ppc.rpm
    $ _


The architecture is hardcoded as ppc. Use --arch ia64 if you're on that architecture, and let me know if you know the right way for me to detect the correct setting for the host on which I'm running.

The code which splits the package name from the version given an RPM file name is ad-hoc and likely too fragile.


The code is licensed under the GNU GPL. Check for updated versions.


Roderick Schertler <>